All Salute the A-10 “Hawg Driver” Fighter Pilots

October 17, 2008

I read an article in the Salina Journal in the great state of Kansas today about the annual Hogsmoke Event where participants and citizens gathered to salute those who have passed on. The event was headed by Staff Sgt. Kent Kagarise, who served as master of ceremonies. The event was put on to honor those aviators who have served with great honor.

From the article:

“Kagarise then read the names of the A-10 pilots who have died; after that, the A-10 pilots gathered and each took a shot of Jeremiah Weed bourbon — another pilot tradition — and tossed their shot glasses into a fire pit to conclude the ceremony.”

Jeremiah Weed has always had a special relationship with our American fighter pilots. So, all hail to you – we honor your brave service to our country. And I too join you Salina, with a shot of Jeremiah Weed, to salute our fallen heroes.

-Mr. Jeremiah Weed


A Toast to Patriotism and Our Troops

September 23, 2008

While I was reading the news the other day I came across an article about “Patriotism” and honoring our troops. Without delving too deeply into the author’s feelings about Iraq and Afghanistan, I wanted to post my thoughts on patriotism from a historical context. As my fellow Kentuckians are aware, this great state, and of course our country as a whole, has sacrificed a great deal so that we may live free from tyranny and oppression. And while we are not a perfect society, and I dare any of my readers to list any through history that were, we are darn close. So, in my own way, I honor those who gave so much by tipping a glass, or three, of my best Bourbon.

To Daniel Boone, who opened the way through the Cumberland Gap and into the Ohio Valley for those hearty soles that eventually settled the Blue Grass State.

To John Hunt Morgan, Brigadier General and Commander of the 2nd Kentucky Calvary, and Basil Wilson Duke who took over command after Morgan fell in battle.

To Jefferson Davis, who served as President of the CSA.

To Major General, and former Vice President, John C. Breckinridge who led the “Orphan Brigade” to many a glorious victory during the Civil War.

To the 23 Medal of Honor recipients hailing from Kentucky who gave their all for our freedom.

To the 7,400 Kentuckians who serve in the state’s reserve units, whether they be Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard.

And a special toast to those airmen who lift a glass of Jeremiah Weed after a successful mission.

To these men and women, and the many more not listed, I toast, for they are the true patriots. They lay their lives on the line in service to this country every day so that we who do not can speak freely without fear. Because to them it is the action, not the word, that is patriotic.

Welcome to the Jeremiah Weed Blog Site!

April 24, 2008
Welcome folks. As you may have heard or read, I am back after a long absence. I’ve spent a lot of of the past quarter century in the hills of Kentucky, every once in awhile passing riders in the woods whose flasks I refill. I so looked forward to the days when I heard the horses of the Weed drinkers coming up the path past my cottage. Those are some of the best people around. Now, the time has come for me to meet some of the other Weed drinkers. We all share a special bond and now finally, we have a venue to interact with one another.

For the foreseeable future, I will be sharing my thoughts on a host of subjects – politics; horseback riding and racing; air force fighters and the military; fishing; hunting and any other subject that is important to Weed drinkers like us.  I, in turn, hope that you will share your thoughts with me.

I very much look forward to our discourse.
I remain,
Sincerely yours,
Mr. Jeremiah Weed